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AACA is a group of Alabama artists who share a common love of art and creating. We meet monthly to discuss how we can expose our communities to art, promote art appreciation, and support each others efforts in creative expression. We try to network with other creative organizations and find mutual ways we can work together. A creative demonstration is usually held during our meeting as well. 


Artists are also encouraged to attend Open Studio monthly in Alexander City on the 3rd Thursday. This studio time is great for networking with other artists and practicing art techniques.


Field trips to local galleries and museums are a favorite among our members. These outings go a long way to building camaraderie and friendships within our group. 


To encourage members of the local and surrounding communities to study art by participating in some

form of creative work. To sponsor workshops, schedule classes, and hold exhibitions. To elect a board of directors who will mentor members, set standards, and provide advice for the betterment of the association and its members.

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